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The Neighborhoods of Loudoun County

Welcome to Loudoun County! Loudoun is the northern tip of the Commonwealth of Virginia, a northwest suburb of the Washington DC Metro Area. Historically, Loudoun has been a mostly rural county. However, the county is continuing to experience  explosive growth. For most of the  21st Century Loudoun has ranked among the fastest growing areas in the country, as well as the most affluent. In 1996, the early internet company America Online built their headquarters in Loudoun County establishing the region as a center for technology development. Today more than 70% of all internet traffic runs through data centers on the eastern, more industrial side of the county.

Loudoun Rural vs Suburban Policy Areas

Loudoun is divided into Western Loudoun and Eastern Loudoun, with Leesburg sitting between the two. 


These areas are defined by Loudoun County as "Policy Areas" with Western Loudoun being Rural, and Eastern Loudoun being more Suburban, and a "Transitional" area  dividing them south of Leesburg.   

In the sections below, you'll see neighborhoods and towns grouped into  "Leesburg", "Western Loudoun" and "Eastern Loudoun" for easy viewing of each neighborhood.

In "Western Loudoun",  much of the county's rural heritage has been preserved. Western Loudoun is now the heart of Virginia Wine Country, with breweries, distilleries and a wide variety of thriving agritourism businesses. The area retains a great deal of it's rural character and historic charm and is dotted with small towns like Lovettsville, Purcellville, Middleburg and others.  It's a truly unique ensemble of towns and villages across the county offering a variety of lifestyles ranging from the peaceful tranquility of open space and bucolic views to walkable, planned communities featuring almost every amenity imaginable.

Meanwhile, "Eastern Loudoun",  is more  urban, and though it still has a rich history, you'll also find a lot more shopping, dining and entertainment here.  For example, you won't find any movie theaters in Western Loudoun, but in Eastern Loudoun you'll find places like Alamo Drafthouse at One Loudoun, right down the street from Top Golf and Loudoun Inova Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Virginia.  And many of the neighborhoods in Eastern Loudoun are quite large which means you'll find a ton of amenities like soccer fields, swimming pools, fitness centers and such.  

Leesburg Neighborhoods

Western Loudoun Neighborhoods

Eastern Loudoun Neighborhoods

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