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Woodlea Manor, Greenway Farms & Leesburg  Country Club

On the south side of Leesburg, as you drive down Route 15, there are three neighborhoods you will pass on your right just before you leave the town limits.   But, just before you get to the first neighborhood you will actually pass the new defunct golf course, Westpark Golf Course.  There was a LOT of back and forth as to what to do with the property, and at one point it was going to be developed for more housing.  Instead, Loudoun County bought the property and now has plans to turn it into a park for everybody's enjoyment!  Yay!    And this makes the three neighborhoods adjacent to the golf course even that much more attractive to live in with this new "amenity"! 


Leesburg Country Club, Greenway Farms and Woodlea Manor real estate has skyrocketed!  But, each neighborhood has its own unique personality, so read on and enjoy!   And if you're thinking of buying or selling in these neighborhoods, give me a call!  As a 20+ year Leesburg resident and top selling Realtor in the region, I know how to highlight the strengths of each neighborhood and maximize the value of your home sale.  I'd love to work with you!

The video below includes aerial drone footage of the "new" park, as well as flyovers of all three neighborhoods if you want to check it out also.

Woodlea Manor & Woodlea Hills

Woodlea Manor is the largest of these three communities, made up of 467 all single family homes.  Woodlea Manor has many HOA amenities including a playground, basketball court, two tennis (and pickleball) courts and a large pool, home of the Woodlea Watermocs, another great team my kids competed against when they were younger.  If you jump to the 2min 45sec mark in the video above, you'll get the drone flyover over their clubhouse and you can actually see people playing pickleball!  And while filming there were kids playing basketball right next to us!  I love the sense of community togetherness here!

Homes at Woodlea Manor are also a little bit larger than those at Greenway Farms ranging from 3,000-4,500 square feet.  However, if you go up the hillside, you'll find the aptly named "Woodlea Hills", roughly 40 homes.    Woodlea Hills has access to all the amenities of Woodlea Manor, but Woodlea Hills is a conservancy area, meaning that all the homes sit on an average of 3 acres, though many are only on an acre.   And the homes at Woodlea Hills are some of the largest homes in Woodlea, with most between 4,000 to 5,000 square feet, though some are over 7,000 square feet!

Here is an example of a 4,500 square foot home that sold in at the end of 2023 for over a million dollars in Woodlea Manor.

Woodlea Manor

Greenway Farms

Your next turn is into the neighborhood of Greenway Farms, a mix of 408 single family homes and townhomes.   Greenway Farms HOA amenities include two basketball courts, multiple playgrounds, and a large community pool, home of the Greenway Gators Swim Team!  If you have young kids, the summer league swim team is a great activity for them!  When my kids swam summer league, Greenway was one of the teams we competed against every year and I thought their pool was really nice.  In the video above, if you jump to the 1min 30sec mark, you'll catch the drone flyover of Greenway Farms pool and tennis courts.  And HOA dues are less than $200 a quarter!

Single Family Homes in Greenway Farms are typically between 2,500 to 3,500 square feet.  However, there are a few over 4,000 square feet!    Below is one of the larger single family homes that sold in late 2023 for $865K!   At 4,200 square feet this is one of the largest homes in Greenway Farms, and that was one of the highest sale prices in the neighborhood ever!

Leesburg Country Club

The video starts with the now defunct Westpark Gourse, which is now going to be a park that all these communities can take advantage of.  And some homes in Leesburg Country Club are right on the golf course... I mean the park!   Not only is the park a free amenity, but Leesburg Country Club does not have an HOA... meaning there are zero HOA dues!   Trash and recycling are taken care of by the town of Leesburg, but there are no community amenities such as a neighborhood pool or clubhouse.   With a total of 343 single family homes, home sizes range from around 2,000 to 3,500 square feet.  And considering the current spike in housing prices in Loudoun County (and across the country), you can find some very good deals here still.  For example, this 3,500 square foot home below sold in June of this year (2023) for $725K.  With an all brick front and two car garage, that is a very good price right now, even if the kitchen needs a little bit of an update.

But, if you are looking for amenities such as a community pool, you might want to look at either Greenway Farms or Woodlea Manor.  Both of these communities have an HOA that provides these types of amenities and more!

Location, Location, Location

All three of these neighborhoods have great access to shopping and dining nearby also.  Just to the east, a few miles down Battlefield Parkway, as you drive past neighborhoods like Kincaid Forest & Tavistock, you'll find the  Village at Leesburg.  Be sure to check out my write up of the Villages here!  Some of my favorite restaurants are located in the Villages!   And it's an even shorter drive to get into downtown Leesburg with all the quaint shops and awesome restaurants.  Be sure to check out my community post where I "walk" you through downtown Leesburg and give you an overview of every restaurant along the way!

As a 20+ year Loudoun resident, I know this area well, and as a top producing Real Estate agent, I know how to best market your property and maximize the sale of your home.  You deserve to work with the best!  If you are thinking of buying or selling in this area, give me a call!  I’d love to put all my knowledge, resources and energy to work for you!

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