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The Historic Village of Waterford

If you have seen my Community page on Old Waterford Knoll, in the town of Leesburg, you might be confused as to why there is a separate "Waterford" community page.  But, the Village of Waterford, is actually located five miles to the northwest of the town of Leesburg! 


Waterford is a Historic Village and homes for sale in Waterford are a rarity with only 97 homes inside the Village itself.  But, don’t give up hope!   Here’s a few things you need to know about not just historic Waterford, but also the new communities surrounding Waterford.

Waterford Real Estate comes in many size, shapes and colors.   Old Historic Waterford is filled with buildings that date back to the 18th century even!  At the same time, there are new communities that have developed around this historic town where you can find modern homes for sale but still have that "rural" countryside atmosphere.

Historic Waterford

I highly recommend you spend some time on the Waterford Village website to learn about its rich history.   Historic Waterford is a National Historic Landmark, with 64% of the homes here pre-dating 1861.  In fact, only four homes have been built here since 1922.  And, as you can imagine, the homes have a wide range of architectures from the 1800s, and walking down its streets is almost like taking a stroll through the 19th century of America!  


Homes range in size from under 1,000 square feet to over 4,000 square feet, and everything in between.  But, with only 97 homes here, sales are FEW and far between!   One recent sale of a historic 3,600 square foot home went for around $1.4M.  If you are thinking of selling, I have a list of clients who I think would be interested in buying your property!  I'd love to be your Realtor!  

Waterford Neighborhoods

But, if you’re willing to expand your search just a little, there are almost a dozen neighborhoods dotting the landscape around Historic Waterford.  Just north of Waterford, along Loyalty Road, a number of neighborhoods have popped up.  Waterford Heights, Waterford Ridge, Waterford Downs and Stonebrook Farms Hamlet are four newer neighborhoods along Loyalty Rd that comprise approximately 250 homes.  Most of these homes are on at least 1 acre with the majority on 3+ acres of land and feature modern and upscale amenities.

Waterford neighborhood map

Waterford Heights & Stonebrook Farm Hamlets

The two closest neighborhoods are about a mile up Loyalty Road.  On the left side is Stonebrook Farm Hamlets with about 30 homes.  And on the opposite side of Loyalty Road is Waterford Heights, also with about 30 homes.

Homes for sale in Stonebrook Farm Hamlets sit on about 1 acre each, while across the street the homes usually have at least 3 acres, with one home sitting on 7 acres of land.   Homes at both neighborhoods range between 5,000-7,000 square feet and all have luxury interiors with upscale kitchens, flooring and modern appliances.   One home recently sold here for around $1.25M.

Waterford Ridge

The next neighborhood up Loyalty Road is Waterford Ridge, which is at the corner of Loyalty and Stumptown Road and stretches all the way up the side of the Catoctin Mountain range.   Waterford Ridge has almost 120 homes.  Again, these are all luxury properties, featuring upscale interiors and many of these homes also have private pools.  Most homes are between 5,000-7,000 square feet with a few homes tipping 8,000 square feet in size…. and many also have amazing views of the Western Loudoun valley below.

Recent sales have topped $1.3M for some of the larger homes!  Here are two of them pictured below:

In the video below you'll see drone footage of all three of these neighborhoods.

Waterford Downs (aka Waterford Manor)

Waterford Manor is the newest development along Loyalty road, and when completed will have almost 80 homes each on at least 3 acres.  Currently there are about 70 homes that have been completed.  This provides the opportunity for a new build if desired, but there have been a few existing homes that have sold recently also.   If you are thinking of buying new construction here, give me a call!  The developer might tell you you don't need your own Realtor, but having your own Realtor can be a huge benefit to you, as I discuss in my blog post on this topic!

Homes here are between roughly 4,000 to 6,000 square feet, though the largest recently sold was almost 6,500 square feet and sold in 2022 for $1.35M and includes a  whopping 4 car garage!

And these are just the neighbhorhoods to the north of Waterford.  To the west you have additional neighborhoods like Old Wheatland Estates, Rosemont Farm, Waterford Creek and the Reserve at Waterford.  And to the south, towards Route 9, you have Waterford Crest & Beacon Hill

The 3 L's of  Real Estate!

One of the big draws of living in and around Waterford is the great Location.  It’s rural Western Loudoun County, meaning you have peace and quiet, low noise and light pollution, and are surrounded by wide open spaces filled with farms, wineries and breweries.  But wait… there’s more!

While the 3 L’s typically refer to “Location, Location, Location”, when we are talking about real estate, in Waterford, there are 3 more Ls, we have to mention:  Leesburg, Lucketts, & Lovettsville!     You are a short drive to Route 9, giving you quick access to Leesburg and all things to the East  (like Dulles Airport), as well as a back entrance into Leesburg via Old Waterford Road, which will put you at the back entrance to Morven Park and Old Waterford Knoll!  But, head over the Catoctin Mountain range via Stumptown Road, and you are in Lucketts Land just 5 minutes away.   Or head up Mill Town Road (or Loyalty to Taylorstown) and you are in Lovettsville!

The Waterford Fair

And while Lovettsville is known as "The German Settlement" and Oktoberfest, Waterford is widely know for their Waterford Fair.  If you’ve thinking of living here, then you also have to know that every year they host the Waterford Fair, which is a weekend long festival bringing together food, drink and entertainment from around the region.   In addition to musicians, magicians and story tellers, you’ll find local wineries and breweries onsite as well as local selections from Loudoun’s eateries.


 But the real draw is the history and artistry on display during the fair!  Artists will be showing off their works on clay, metal, fiber, wood, glass… just about anything you can think of!  And they’re not just selling them, there are live demonstrations of techniques that have been in use for centuries that still live on today in this artisans. 


Some of the historic homes will also be open for tours to the public (in the video below is a brief clip of me as a "docent" educating a crowd about one of the homes history)

As a Leesburg resident for 20+ years, I have a wealth of knowledge about this area.   And as one of the top producing Realtors in Loudoun County, I know how to maximize your home sale.  If you are thinking about buying or selling your home, give me a call!  I'd love to put all my knowledge, resources and energy to work for you!

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