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Let's Get to Know Each Other

If you've gotten this far into my website, you've already seen a lot information about my credentials and professional accomplishments. But the relationship between a Realtor® and their clients is often much more personal. I want to get to know you and your family. I want to know your needs, likes and preferences, so that I can serve you  better.  To that end, I like to share some personal details about myself so that we can discover the things we have in common.

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About Me

I’m originally from Virginia Beach and moved to the DC-Metro area after graduating from the University of Virginia, to pursue a career in public accounting. I obtained my CPA license and for several years provided tax advice to individuals and businesses.  Real estate has been a terrific opportunity for me to expand my role as a fiduciary to clients and instead of offering suggestions on tax deductions, I now offer guidance on home values, contract terms, and strategies to minimize risk when it comes to one of the biggest personal investments families can make (their homes!)

The Goodrums

Loudoun's #1 Realtor has the #1 Family

This is my family. Manspreading at left, is my goofy partner in life and business, husband Dave Goodrum. Although Dave works full time in IT, he's a huge help to my real estate practice. He's the producer of most of my videos. He does a lot of work on my website. And he's my sounding board when working through any challenge.

In the middle is my beautiful, smart, driven daughter Catey. She's about to finish up college here in state and seems certain to take up some world-changing mission in business.

Hiding in the back is my son Chase, also pursuing academic glory at college. If you're also a Mom, you already know how much I love my only son.

Loudoun's Top Realtor has two dogs actually!

No family photo album would be complete without a few pictures of my fur babies. Our older guy Kevin is now 13. Our Golden Doodle is named Charlie and his primary occupations include fetch the ball and getting as dirty as possible.

We live in the Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club neighborhood just north of Leesburg's Historic District. We love our neighbors, the amazing scenery and the convenience of this location. I admit that a personal ambition is to be the only Realtor doing business in my neighborhood.

Loudoun's Top Realtor has the Top Dog too!

What Do I Do for Fun?

I am energetic, adventurous and outdoorsy. I run for fitness. I'm dying to try pickleball. We scuba dive as a family. In terms of activities, we've tried everything... axe throwing, gun range, camping, hiking, boating.

I'm a foodie. I love to eat and cook, in that order. I love to travel and discover new corners of the earth. 

But truly my greatest personal joy comes from helping guide my real estate clients to the big "What's Next" moment in their lives. Whether it's newlyweds buying their first home or retirees taking a first step toward downsizing, I am fulfilled when they are comfortably nestled in their new home.

But Enough About Me...

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit more about me. But when you're my client, I promise, it's all about you. I want to know your favorite color, your favorite season, how you like to have fun, etc. I'll leverage any and every detail you share with me to help me guide you through a stress-free and successful real estate transaction.

Chrissie Goodrum
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