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Village at Leesburg

If you're looking for Townhomes near the Village at Leesburg there are two great options for you.  The Village at Leesburg real estate is in hot demand largely thanks to three things:  Location, Location, Location!

There are two townhome communities nearby.  The first the the Townhomes at Village Walk, directly across the street from the Village at Leesburg.  The second is about a mile down the road at the brand new, still being developed, community of Tuscarora Village.  In the last few years, I've sold four homes nearby!


But, before we talk about these communities, we have to talk about what makes this location so great... all the restaurants, shopping and attractions at the Village itself!   There are so many restaurants here.   Just to name a few of my favorites:

Noku Sushi and Ramen.  I come here at least once a month!

The owner's name is Jake, and he recently opened a new restaurant here, Goji 92 Korean BBQ!  You order different proteins and cook them yourself over a hot fire in the middle of your table.  It's very cool.

 Also on that list (and included in the video below) are Vino Bistro, La Travinia, and The Dell (formerly Chefscape).   Both are great and both for different reasons!  Vino Bistro has amazing French food and wine pairings, has great outdoor seating, is super dog friendly, and often has live music during the week!  The Dell is a restaurant Incubator!  At the time of this writing, there were three different restaurants being tested out:  Lucky Dog (gourmet hot dogs), Columbia's  (you guessed it... authentic Columbian food), and Paulie's handmade pasta, with fresh Italian fare.  They also feature live music and is the host for Water's End Brewery!

As for attractions, the Village at Leesburg has bowling, trampolining (is that even a word), a fitness center and a movie theater.  Sorry, no video of me trampolining, but you'll understand when you see the video below!

Okay, onto the homes!  First up is the Townhomes at Village Walk.  For drone footage, you can jump to the 2:15 mark in the video above.  With almost 200 Townhomes, Village Walk is right across the street from the Village at Leesburg.  You can Walk to it. See what they did there?  Village.  Walk.  :)

These are luxury townhomes with up to four levels, multiple decks, roof walkouts, upscale kitchens and appliances… and beautiful hardwood floors.

The larger two garage homes have roughly 3,800 square feet of living space and recent sales have hit price tags up to $950,000!   And while the HOA itself doesn’t have a lot of amenities, with the Villages at Leesburg right across the street, you really don’t need much.   It’s even got a Wegmann’s for all your grocery shopping needs!

Just under a mile down the road from the Village Walk is the even newer Townhome community of Tuscarora Village.  It’s still under construction with a planned total of over 400 townhomes.  You can still get brand new construction here if you want.  But.  If you are thinking about buying new construction, you should still use a realtor.  Our office manager actually bought one of the homes here and I have a whole separate blog on why you should always use a Realtor to represent you, especially for new construction


The townhomes Tuscarora Village are also luxury townhomes with upscale flooring, kitchens and appliances.  But they are a little smaller than the Townhomes at Village Walk, with the homes here just under 3,000 square feet.  And being a little farther away from the dining and shopping, the prices are a lower, with recent sales under $600,000.  That's a steal right now, especially as there is more planned entertainment and restaurants coming to this area!  Some internal shots below, but in the video above I include some drone footage as well as some street drive by footage to give you a feel for the neighborhood.

Tuscarora Village real estate kitchen
Tuscarora Village real estate kitchen

And while both of these townhome communities give you great access to the Villages at Leesburg shops and restaurants, they also give you a great location for outdoor activities also.  I mean, this is Loudoun County.   You’re at the edge of Western Loudoun here, with access to all kinds of wineries, breweries and farms.  And you have the W&OD trail practically in your back yard.  You can safely ride your bike from your garage to the trail a half a mile away, giving you access to over a hundred miles of paved trails.  Be sure to check out my first blog post on the W&OD!

So, if shopping and dining are your thing, and the idea of taking care of a yard and landscaping is NOT your thing, then the townhomes around the Villages at Leesburg might just be what you’re looking for. 


As a 20+ year resident of Leesburg and one of the top selling Realtors in the region, I've bought sold several townhomes here, and know how to maximize your homes sale.  So, if you’re thinking about making a move, please give me a call, I’d love to work with you!

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