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Spring Lakes

Last, but not least is  Spring Lakes.  Spring Lakes and the Lakes at Red Rock were actually built at about the same time in the early 2000's during the big housing boom.  It is the largest of the three (just barely) with 388 homes.  Like the Lakes at Red Rock and River Pointe, Spring Lakes has it's own community pool, clubhouse and two tennis courts.  Springs Lakes used to have their own swim team, and the pool is plenty big.  But they have now joined forces with River Pointe and kids who want to swim summer league swim team swim with the Red Rock  Rockets!  These neighborhoods really are "connected".  Below you can get a better idea of the proximity of these three neighborhoods next to River Creek.  (Remember that "North Lake" is the offical name of the Lakes at Red Rock)

Lakes at Red Rock Homes for Sale

The 5,900 square foot home below sold in  for $1.1M as an example of one of the larger homes in Spring Lakes.  But most homes are typically between 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.  I love that the home below has a gas fireplace in the bedroom!  I'm jealous!

As a 20+ year Loudoun resident, I know this area well, and as a top producing Real Estate agent, I know how to best market your property and maximize the sale of your home.  You deserve to work with the best!  If you are thinking of buying or selling in this area, give me a call!  I’d love to put all my knowledge, resources and energy to work for you!

Lakes at Red Rock, River Pointe & Spring Lakes

Just across the street from the gated community of River Creek on the Potomac, you will find three more gorgeous communities:  The Lakes at Red Rock, River Pointe, and Spring Lakes!  And while they are each unique, and each has their own set of amenities like community pools, club houses and tennis courts, they also share a lot of things in common, and are connected by walking trails, in some ways making this one big community!  And many homes in these neighborhoods are also similar in size and value, and they've all seen their real estate values increase together!  If you're looking to be in the incorporated town limits of Leesburg, but also close to shopping and dining at the Village at Leesburg, this could be the place for you!

Here's a great little video providing drone footage of each community showing off their amenities as well as examples of some of the housing and recent sales

The Lakes at Red Rock

I've raised my family in Leesburg and my kids actually went to school with the children in this neighborhood, which is "formally" known as North Lake.  I spent quite a bit of time here, and really love the walking trails, the gorgeous covered bridge by the lake, and the houses here are gorgeous.  And even though it's not right on the Potomac River, it is right next to the Red Rock Overlook Regional Park... which IS on the river!  So, if you like hiking, you can hike down to the water right from your house!  so, if you get tired of fishing in the Lake (which is catch and release only, btw), you can fish on the Potomac also!

While the Lake is the "center" of the community, the "social" center is the community pool, club house playground and tennis courts.  Home of the Red Rock Rockets swim team!  I am a big fan of summer league swim teams.  It's a great way for kids to socialize and a great life skill to be comfortable in the water!  I still volunteer today for summer league even though my kids are grown up!

There are 374 homes here, a mix of single family and townhomes.  Most homes at the Lakes at Red Rock have a two car garage (including many of the townhomes) with square footage ranging from 3,000 square feet up to 6,000 square feet!  The 4,800 square foot home below sold in mid 2023 for just shy of a million dollars.

River Pointe

River Pointe is a much newer neighborhood, built between 2012 to 2014, and is directly south of the Lakes at Red Rock.  It is a slightly smaller community with 275 homes, also a mix of single family homes and townhomes.  It was built by K Hovnanian, which specializes in luxury homes, so you know every home here is going to be awesome!  In addition to the pool, clubhouse and tennis courts, they also have a nice playground and a full sized basketball court.  In the video above, I'm on the basketball court at River Pointe shooting hoops at the end, and you can see the tennis court and playground behind me!  If you're interested in buying or selling here, give me a call and we can go one on one!  LOL!

The River Pointe pool is too small to host a swim team, but the Red Rock Rockets accepts kids from River Pointe onto their swim team for summer league, which helps to foster a great community bond between the two neighborhoods!

Home at River Pointe are similarly sized to the Lakes at Red Rock (3,000-6000 sqft), but they do have a few VERY large homes over 7,000 square feet also!  The 5 bedroom, 5,000 square foot home below sold for $1.1M in mid 2023.

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