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Kincaid Forest, Tavistock Farms
& Beauregard Estates

On the south side of Leesburg you'll find three communities right near eachother:  Kincaid Forest, Tavistock Farms and the Beauregard communities.  When we moved to Leesburg in 2004 from Reston, these were the first neighborhoods we looked at, and even put in a few offers here!  The video below provides an overview of each along with drone footage and details on the amenities.  Below the video are details for each community, including some recent sale information.

Kincaid Forest

Kincaid Forest comprises 536 homes and is a mix of townhomes and single family homes, ranging in size to over 4,000 square feet for some of the larger homes.  The size of this community is perfect, enabling community amenities such as a large pool (home of the Stingrays Swim Team), a tennis court and multiple playgrounds, all while keeping HOA dues relatively low.  Kincaid Forest backs up directly to the W&OD with some homes having direct access.  You may not know this about me, but I love to bike and run, and it was always very important to me and family to have easy access to this trail, giving us access to over a hundred miles of paved trails to bike and on... all the way to DC if you want!  Check out these two blog posts for a better idea of why I love this trail so much  (including all the breweries you have access to right off the trail!):

W&OD Trail Adventures Part 1

W&OD Trail Adventures Part 2


As an example of the homes here, this home sold in June 2023 for $930K.   At just under 4,000 square feet it has plenty of living space.

Tavistock Farms

Directly connected to Kincaid Forest is Tavistock Farms, which was also built by Richmond American Homes.  And just like Kincaid Forest, Tavistock is a mix of single family homes and townhomes, totaling 518 homes.  Again, the perfect size for an HOA to offer many amenities while keeping the HOA dues relatively low.  In addition the gorgeous pond (which you can see in the video above), you get a very large community pool (home of the Tavistock Tsunami swim team), two tennis courts, and multiple playgrounds.   And even though none of these homes back up directly to the W&OD, you still have easy access through the neighborhood paths, sidewalks and streets.

Like Kincaid Forest, Tavistock homes range in size up to 4,000 square feet.  Below is an example of one of the larger homes that sold at the end of 2023 for $930K, one of the highest sale prices seen in Tavistock,... and that's with an unfinished basement!  The new owners can still add a lot of value to this home all on their own!

Beauregard Estates

And last, but certainly not least, are the three HOAs that make up Beauregard.  Beauregard Estates, Beauregard Heights, and Beauregard Overlook.  Altogether, these three HOAs make up about 150 homes.  From an amenities standpoint, unlike Tavistock and Kincaid Forest, Beauregard has very few common amenities like a community pool or tennis courts.  But, that also means their HOA dues are quite low.  Additionally, the homes here tend to be slightly larger and on larger lots as well.  The entire neighborhood is also very wooded with mature trees and hills creating a very tranquil area (you have to check out the video at the beginning of this post to really grasp the wooded nature of this area... around the 3 minute mark).

As I mentioned, these homes are typically a little larger.  Here is a 4,400 square foot home that sold in 2023 for $1.1M.  I love the gorgeous French Country kitchen and 10 foot ceilings... but what I really love is the landscaping in the backyard.... it's like a little oasis created in the rolling hills and wooded backyard!


The location of all these neighborhoods is great.  Not only do they have great access to the W&OD Bike Trail, but it's an easy drive to downtown Leesburg via Sycolin Rd, but they are also only a 3 minute drive to the  The Village at Leesburg 

Another great location feature of these neighborhoods is their access to Bolen Park and Segra Field.   If you have young kids that are involved in sports, you will probably be spending time here!  Whether is soccer, baseball, softball, field hockey... even cricket... you'll be playing at Bolen most likely!  And Segra Field is home to our very own professional soccer and rugby teams if you want to catch a game!  Check out my coverage of both our pro teams here:

Loudoun Professional Soccer at Segra

Loudoun Professional Rugby at Segra

If you scroll back to the top to watch the video, it includes drone footage of all these neighborhoods, plus Bolen Park and Segra Field!

Each of these neighborhoods is unique and if you're thinking of buying or selling in any of these neighborhoods, give me a call!  I know how to highlight the strengths of each neighborhood and maximize the sale of your home!  As a 20+ year resident of Leesburg, I'd love to put all my local knowledge, resources and energy to work for you!

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