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2023 Real Estate Year in Review for Loudoun & Northern Virginia

Updated: Apr 25

This weekend I had the chance to take a look at some statistics for the 2023 Real Estate market in our region, review some lessons learned, and make some predictions for 2024!

Here's my number one take away for Sellers... even though it was and will continue to be a Sellers Market as a result of low housing inventory, you still have to plan WAY ahead to optimize your sale and get the most return on your home sale. I worked with one seller for almost a year getting their house ready! I also have a network of trusted agents across the country and can help you relocate!

And for Buyers, the biggest take away is that you need to be prepared to compete against multiple other Buyers usually, depending on the price point. Inventory is going to continue to be low! If you are NOT a cash buyer, you need to get your financing tight BEFORE you start to look at houses! You also should be working with an agent who understands your requirements and can show you homes and neighborhoods you may not have originally considered! I know this area very well and can provide you a ton of insights into where to look based on your needs.

Below are some key statistics that tell a very interesting story about pricing trends across the region! Loudoun is still one of the most expensive places to live, but the home values actually increased the LEAST across Northern Virginia.

The time to start planning is NOW. I'd love to be your Trusted Real Estate Advisor! Call or text me at 571-275-5556 and we'll have coffee and talk about your goals!

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