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Power Washing the walkway... is there anything more satisfying?

As a mentioned in my Sellers Guide, it can be hard for many homeowners to "see" the gradual affects time will have on a home. Inside, it can be the slow accumulation of "stuff". Knick knacks and mementos seem to just accumulate over time and to the homeowner it might be a reflection of their life and things they cherish, but to everybody else, it just clutter and a distraction from seeing the home. Or, it can also just be the slow deterioration that happens to everything in this world over time. Indoors, it might be that layer of dust build up that occurs above your door frames, or maybe a slow color change in one spot on the floor where the sun hits more than other places.

power washing your home is cheap and can help sell your home faster

But outside, there are so many things exposed to the sun and weather! Often a fresh coat of exterior paint on a deck can make a world of difference. And when you do that, I always recommend power washing it before you paint it! You don't want to paint over top of gunk and grime! And while you've got that power washer, take the opportunity to power wash those walkways and other hard surfaces!

You can certainly pay somebody to do this, but if you're like my husband, then you like owning toys! You can buy a power washer for around $200 from Home Depot or Amazon!

The photo below shows you the very clear difference between our power washed and non power washed surfaces of our front walkway.

power wash before and after.  A Realtors delight!!

When it comes to Real Estate and selling homes, I always try to go above and beyond for my clients. I had one client who desperately needed their back patio power washed which was made with pavers. The pavers were colorful, but you couldn't tell because YEARS of tree debris had turned everything black. We needed it done in a day so my husband rushed over to help out!

You can see what a huge difference it makes on the pavers in the video above. And while he was there, he noticed the front brick walk also needed to be power washed, so he did that too!

Just another example of Team Goodrum going above and beyond for my clients!!! Can I tell you how much I love my husband?!?! Yes!!!

So, if you're thinking of selling your home, give me a call. I'd love to put all my knowledge, resources and energy to work for you... and my husbands energy too!! LOL

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