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The Neighborhoods of  Gleedsville

Heading south out of Leesburg, between Route 15 & Evergreen Mill Rd is an area known as Gleedsville, defined by Gleedsville Road (which runs parallel to Route 15 and Evergreen Mill).  And even though you are just a few minutes outside of downtown Leesburg, it feels like rural Western Loudoun County!   In fact, this is the edge of Loudoun’s Western Rural Policy Area and the Transition area to the East on the other side of Route 15!

HOA Map of Gleedsville Leesburg VA

And it’s here along Gleedsville Road that you’ll find a series of gorgeous communities such as Kings Crossing (14 homes), Emerald Park Estates (30 homes), Dunrobin (17 homes), the Reserve at Rokeby Farm (80 homes), Long Meadow Hamlet (31homes), Grenata (58 homes), Rolling Acres (55 homes),  Big Woods (30 homes), Sycolin Creek (16 homes), Stone Fox Estates (15 homes), and eventually ending at Courtland Rural Farm Village (260 homes and townhomes!).  So, let’s take a stroll down Gleedsville Road!  

Gleedsville real estate in relation to Leesburg VA

The Video below will take you on a drone tour of each of these neighborhoods.  Enjoy!

Kings Crossing


As you drive down Gleedsville Rd from Leesburg, the first neighborhood on your right is Kings Crossing, with 14 homes.  Most of the homes here are over 6,000 square feet, with a few considerably larger at around 10,000 square feet.  Price ranges are typically between 1.5 and 2 million dollars.

The home sold in 2024 for $1.6M at almost 8,500 square feet


Directly south of Kings Crossing is the luxury neighborhood of Dunrobin with 17 homes.   These homes are considerably larger, typically with 8000 square feet or more.  One home has a whopping 15,000 square feet!  Prices on these homes are typically in the 2 to 3 Million dollar range.


Here’s an example of a 10,000 square foot home, valued at $2.5M.

Homes in Dunrobin Leesburg Real Estate

Emerald Park Estates


Next down the road is Emerald Park Estates with 30 homes, each on about 3 acres of land, built mostly in the year 2000… good old Y2K!!  Homes here are typically between 4500 and 6500 square feet, and have tons of luxury upgrades.  In fact, the vast majority also have swimming pools as well.  Prices here are around a $1.5M dollars.


This home sold a few years ago for just over $1.4M with almost 6,000 square feet of living space, and even has an extra detached two car garage (making 4 cars total).

Reserve at Rokeby Farm

Immediately after Emerald Park Estates is the Reserve at Rokeby Farm with 85 homes.  Most of these homes sit on just under an acre of land and range in size from 4500 to 6500 square feet of living space.   Recent sales here are around a million and half dollars, and while most of these homes were built in the mid-2000s… the original home here was built in 1765 and was used during to store important documents such as the Declaration of Independence the Constitution of the United States, and it still exists today!

This gorgeous brick front home with 7600 square feet sold for only $1.35M in 2022! 


Across the street from the Reserve at Rokeby Farm  is Grenata with 58 homes.   Grenata can NOT be accessed from Gleedsville Road directly and sits off of Evergreen Mills Road instead.  But, it backs directly to Gleedsville, and in the video you can viewing the back of Grenata from Gleedsville Road.  The homes here our gorgeous with prices ranging from two million to over four million dollars, with the largest homes here having over 15,000 square feet of living space! 


Hunt Country Sotheby’s is the Number One agency in this neighborhood, and below is a home I sold here last year for $2.1M.

Grenata Real Luxury Realtor Homes For Sale

Long Meadow Hamlet

After you cross over Sycolin Creek,  you’ll approach Long Meadow Hamlet on your right with 31 homes.  Most homes here are on over an acre of land with square footage around 5 to 6 thousand square feet, though some homes are on over 10 acres with square footage over 7000 square feet.  Home sales here are around a $1.5M, though the larger lots are valued around two million.

This home sold last year for just over $1.5M with almost 7,000 square feet of living space.

Rolling Acres & Big Woods

Across the street from Long Meadow Hamlet  you’ll find Rolling Acres, and Big Woods.  It’s hard to show off these communities from the drone footage because the trees are so dense!  And if privacy is what you want, that’s what you’ll find here!   Together, these two neighborhoods total about 85 homes, but many are tucked away in the trees and you’d never know they were even there!  Most of these homes were built in the 90s, and the larger homes go for just over a million dollars.

This home, built in 1989, sold at the end of 2023 for $1.1M on 3 acres of land.  Gotta love those mature trees!!

Rolling Acres Homes Hidden in the trees

Sycolin Creek

And if you continue through Big Woods, you’ll come to the gorgeous neighborhood of Sycolin Creek with 16 homes.  Homes here are between 6000-8000 square feet and are valued around $2M, with the most recent sale at $2.3M.    You can continue through here to Red Cedar, another gorgeous neighborhood on the other side of Evergreen Mill Road, which I reviewed separately here.

This home sold last year for $1.75M with 8,200 square feet of living space on 3 acres.

Sycolin Creek Luxury Homes with pools

Stone Fox Estates

Stone Fox Estates is a newer community that began development in 2012 and only recently finished development.  There are 15 homes here ranging in size from 6000 to 10,000 square feet with prices hovering around the  $2M mark.

Even the smallest homes here are amazing!   Here’s a gorgeous 5 bedroom home on 3+ acres valued at $1.7M. 

Stone Fox Estates Luxury Real Estate

Courtland Farm Rural Village

And finally we end up at Courtland Farm Rural Village.  Unlike the other neighborhoods we’ve looked at, Courtland Village, with 250 homes, is large enough to support amenities like a neighborhood community pool and playground.  So, while most homes here are not on lots large enough to support a private pool, the community pool is a great amenity that helps bring the neighborhood together.  Homes here are usually around 4000-5000 square feet, and typically on a third of an acre with sales over a million dollars. 

This home sold last year for $1.1M with 4600 square feet of living space.

Wrapping it up!

All these neighborhoods are just a few minutes to Leesburg’s shopping and dining, and yet give the feeling of open spaces and easy driving with almost no traffic on Gleedsville Road.   

And Dulles airport is less than 20 minutes away!


 These neighborhoods are some of the best kept real estate secrets in Western Loudoun! 

Gleedsville real estate is an easy drive to Dulles Airport

As a 20+ year Loudoun resident, I know this area well, and as a top producing Real Estate agent, I know how to best market your property and maximize the sale of your home.  You deserve to work with the best!  If you are thinking of buying or selling in this area, give me a call!  I’d love to be your Realtor and put all my knowledge, resources and energy to work for you!

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