April 4, 2019: Falconaire... one of the great new communities north of Leesburg

Falconaire is one of the new communities being developed north of Leesburg just outside of Lucketts. These 3-4 acre homes have a great location with easy access to Route 15 and lots of wineries, breweries and shops nearby. Chrissie speaks with one of the counselors from Mid-Atlantic Builders about some of the design options for these awesome homes (with lots of pictures!) They are also now offering a ranch style option as one of the custom homes they are offering, which is great for baby boomers looking to get away from the city!


March 28, 2019: Barnhouse Brewery Gearing Up for Warmer Weather!

Barnhouse Brewery is one of the premier breweries located on 18 acres just north of Leesburg off of Route 15, making this area one of the best places to live in all of Loudoun County! They usually have 10-15 beers on tap and have a beautiful indoor area as well as a gorgeous large covered outdoor area for when the weather warms up. Their summer music series kicks off on April 20th and goes through October. This memorial weekend they have The Virginia Landsharks, which is a nationally touring Jimmy Buffet tribute band!


March 14, 2019: It's a Dog Day Afternoon!

Having your dog jump up on potential buyers is not a great way to make a good impression! During an open house day, or on days when you can't be there and you know somebody is coming by to show your home, it might be wise to treat your pet to a spa day! Dog Day Afternoon not only is a great dog training school, but they have a doggie day care service! They also sell boutique dog supplies and tchochkes and even have baked goods from Chase Your Tail Bakery on site!!!


March 7, 2019: March Market Update for the Route 15 North Corridor.

Prices in Zip Code 20176 are up, available inventory is down, and sellers are looking at fewer days on the market when they list their homes to sell. In this video, I take a look at recent real estate activity in the neighborhoods along Route 15 North of Leesburg, where I really like to focus. I love to help clients get the most for their money, and understanding market trends is part of it! Give me a call if you are thinking of selling and I can help you!


March 2, 2019: Empowering Women.... one stroke at a time...

Introducing Robyn James! She is putting the bling back in golf and has a goal of getting more women involved in the sport. There are a lot of corporate and charity tournaments coming up. But, too often, women don't feel comfortable heading out on the golf course because they are intimidated by the game and the lack of female players. Robyn does clinics that specialize in getting women comfortable on the course for these situations. She's even working with corporate clients who want more of their female employees to feel comfortable going to their annual corporate golf outtings!  


Feb 28, 2019: Can you put your family in storage?

Chrissie asks the tough questions like, can you put your family members into storage? The answer, of course, is "yes, but feeding them is extra". :) Seriously though, Chrissie does take a closer look at some of the offerings and capabilities of My Guys Moving here in Leesburg. Currently, they have a special offer called "Stagers Delight", which is specially designed for customers trying to declutter temporarily. $495 and includes 2 "vaults" and 1 month of storage. Josh, from My Guys, also makes available free "gently used" boxes for folks who want to pack themselves up to save some $$$.


Feb 14, 2019: Staged Envy... If you can't see it... you can't sell it!

Chrissie chats with Dianne Buckley from Staged Envy LLC about giving clients "tough love" that they might not always want to hear when it comes to staging their house in order to sell it quicker/for more money. They talk about the importance of great lighting, "scared furniture syndrome" [it's really a thing!!], and the *always* fun discussion about odd odors ("If you can SMELL it, you CAN'T SELL it!")


Feb 6, 2019: Frank Polley, The Power of VR and Drones


Increasingly, prospective buyers want to see a house in as much detail as possible before they actually go visit a house. Having stunning visuals can go a long way, and with todays Virtual Reality technology combined with some stunning drone footage, you can help prospective buyers learn about your property before stepping foot on the ground. Chrissie speaks with Frank Polley about these two topics along with how to prep your home before a professional photo shoot.


Jan 24, 2019: Why do a property inspection? What should you expect during an inspection?

Chrissie talks with Jay Lynham, from National Property Inspections, about the importance of doing a property inspection when buying a new home and what to expect during and after a thorough property inspection.


Jan 14, 2019: The 2018 Year in Review, Route 15 North Corridor

This 2018 year in review takes a look at the communities of Village Green, Selma Estates, Raspbery Falls, and Big Springs along the Route 15 North corridor. I review how many homes sold in each neighborhood, what the average sale price was, and how long they took to sell on average. I also take a look at some of the great amenities of each neighborhood and what makes this entire corridor one of the best places to live in Loudoun County! I love working with clients along this corridor, and it happens to also be my home!


Jan 7, 2019: Decluttering is hard, especially if you have 1,000 stuffed animals!!!

When you start decluttering your home to put it on the market to be sold, you have a few options on what to do with all that clutter. Chrissie talks with Neil McKinnon, from 123JUNK, about some of the services they provide to help you declutter. Neil also shares an interesting story about a home he visited that had over a THOUSAND teddy bears, and how to handle a situation where there is an obvious attachment to the "clutter" that needs to be handled with sensitivity. As always, Chrissie is your one stop shop as a realtor, whether it's photography, financing, or staging & decluttering, she will put her network of professionals to work for you.


Jan 1, 2019: Tips for staging your home

When you sign Chrissie as your listing agent, one of the first things she does is hire a stager to provide recommendations on ways to make your home show its best to get you the most money for your home she can. Chrissie talks with Andrea from Designz about the top 3 things you should do to get your home ready to sell. Her husband Marc, Five Star Painting Loudoun, talks about painting tips to improve home value, including installing crown molding, garage floor epoxy, cabinet painting, and deck painting.


Dec 14, 2018: Updated flooring when selling your home doesn't have to break the bank...

Thinking of selling your home and want to change out your flooring to increase resale value without spending a lot of money? I spent the afternoon with Buddy Saunders Flooring to review what you should look for in carpeting and flooring. We talk about budget conscious solutions, all the way up to high end premium options and what the various benefits are. We also talk about the best time to stain or install hardwood floors and what some of your options are, as well as why you should NOT install extra wide hardwood planks.


Dec 2, 2018: Hidden Fence... an inexpensive, yet effective alternative to dog fencing

Electronic Fencing is a great method to keep your dog in your yard without the expense of a real fence (it’s about 1/3 the cost), and it can also keep the aesthetics of your property if you are worried about obstructing your view. It's also a great way to make the entire yard accessible to your dogs as opposed to just a fenced in back area. Here's a bit of Q&A with Nick from Hidden Fence, Inc. about re-flagging our yard for our new puppy Charlie. Nick advised that dogs should be at least 4 months old to get trained on the electric fence. And dogs older than 10 years old who have never been trained how to use an electronic fence may be too old to learn new tricks!!


November 7, 2016: Raspberry Falls community... a great place to live!!

Raspberry Falls is a great place to live whether you play golf or not. It's one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Loudoun County as this stunning drone footage shows. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Raspberry Falls, call Chrissie!!